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Statement from Shropshire ASA re recent Press


We understand that a former coach in our County, Tom Piggott has received a ten year sentence for the abuse of children whilst acting as a coach. The County and the Region are reviewing the Policy and Procedures in relation to his time as a coach.

The County and the Region are clear that he met the requirements of a coach in relation to DBS and undertaking the appropriate training, which is the requirements for people to coach.


The Region have withdrawn the Volunteer award.


We are clearly shocked and disgusted by his behaviour.

As was said in court he abused his position of responsibility and he clearly is a manipulative and devious person. We in Shropshire are clear that all necessary procedures were in place and in conjunction with the Region we are re-reviewing our training and scrutiny of coaches.

As you may have seen the Region has advertised for a Designated Safeguarding lead.

We will continue to review our practice.



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We have recently received this information from Swim England about the use of Inhalers by swimmers/athletes, they have noticed an increase in the use of inhalers by swimmers and have asked that we pass on the following information.

Under the 2019 WADA Prohibited List, inhaled salbutamol (the active ingredient of Ventolin) is only prohibited when more than 800 micrograms (mcg) is inhaled over a 12-hour period. Typically, such inhalers release either 100 mcg or 200 mcg of salbutamol per puff.

If an athlete is frequently requiring the use of a salbutamol inhaler at doses close to the permitted threshold described above, it is advisable for the athlete to consult with their doctor to assess whether the most effective preventer therapies are included within their asthma treatment.

Global DRO is a useful tool used by athletes and doctors for checking the prohibited status of medications prescribed or bought in the UK -


Please also be aware that annual changes to the Prohibited List come into effect every year on the 1st January.

The British Swimming website offers further information on the use of inhalers, both preventer and reliever types. It also provides information on the anti-doping rules and to whom these apply.

The web links to these information pages are:

GDPR Policy Document on Links page


Shropshire Amateur Swimming Association

Shropshire Amateur Swimming Association

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