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Shropshire Lead Coach(s)

Shropshire ASA – County Coach

The appointing of a County Coach has been re-designed and there has been some consultation with Swim England Talent Team, and the WM Region on how we move forward with what fits best in Shropshire and to bring us into line with the Region and what other Counties are doing.

Therefore, we will not be appointing a County Coach at this AGM as we are in the process of setting up a Criteria for how we move forward with the best way to meet the needs of the different developments that we want to pursue as a County.


There are three areas that need a Head/Lead Coach.

  1. Development Programme

  2. Open Water Development

  3. Inter-County Team & gala


As guided by the Region and SE, the Head Coach for the Development programme does not necessarily need to be the ‘County’ Coach.

We don’t need to appoint one person to do all 3 areas but can select the best person for each role.

We would hope that anyone selected would be willing to work closely with the other selected coaches.

Therefore, we are opening up the opportunity to all clubs to pass this information on to their coaches.

There will be changes in what the remuneration will be. There will no longer be a monthly retainer fee paid. Payment will be made only for the delivery of each of the three areas to whoever does that delivery. More information on the payment scale will be available once the document has been finalised.

Swim England National County Team Championships 2019.

This year’s event takes place at Ponds Forge, Sheffield, on Sunday 6th October.

More than 900 swimmers compete from English counties and Scottish and Welsh regions, with races going on in two pools at the same time. The teams are split into 2 divisions and Shropshire will be competing this year in division 1 for the very first time. This follows a great performance last year where we gained promotion.


The Shropshire team will be selected based on short course, or converted long course, times from Rankings. Team selection will take place earlier this year in an effort to contact all swimmers before the school summer holidays. Therefore all selected swimmers will be notified before the end of June via their coach.

Further details of the event may be found on the Swim England website and Shropshire's selection criteria can be seen below

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