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West Midlands Youth Day

17th February 2024

@ Sandwell Aquatics Centre

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Young Volunteer Program


Shropshire ASA has been supporting the Young Volunteer Program for many years in it’s various guises.

We have had many members go through this program and many of the people you see swimming or coaching have been through this and you will see some of our current candidates helping out at various times over this weekend in a bright blue T-shirt.

The current program includes an Aquatic Helpers course, which gives members an insight into helping on poolside, it includes safeguarding, different styles of learning, Athlete Development framework and Health & Safety.

It also has an Events session, which looks at how something like this weekend is run, all the jobs that need to be covered and the many many hours of work to get a successful outcome for our swimmers.

The final session is around Governance, ie how a swimming club is run what roles are needed within a committee, the issues and decisions that need to be made.


You have to be 14 – 17 yr old to take part and you need a mentor(s) at your club.


For more information contact Mandy

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